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Year 6 transition to secondary school 2019-2020

We recognise that moving to secondary school can be an exciting yet difficult time for our Year 6 children, and even harder with the uncertain future of when we may return to school. Every year, our Year 6 teachers meet with members of staff from each High School to share information on the children that may be moving up to ensure that when they start, transition is as smooth as possible. This year will be no different, and although our teachers cannot physically meet each other, they have already started to communicate over emails and the telephone to ensure the High Schools that your children attend, have as much information as possible. This can include; interests, hobbies, achievements, targets, friendship groups and academic achievements in school so far. This year, the TCAT transition hub (which is comprised of secondary colleagues, secondary transition leads and primary staff) have already started to communicate and discuss arrangements that will also help ensure each child is well prepared for their next step on their school journey. This could include, transition packs, transition units of work or opportunities to look after pupil well-being as they begin to think about the step up. As a school, we will of course update you with anything you need to be aware of as the time comes.


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What about transition visits?  

Each year, your child’s High Schools arrange for transition events to take place before your children start in September, these can range from open days / evenings, transition days for the children to attend or opportunities to go and meet the teachers. Depending upon when schools reopen this year, these events could look slightly different. Obviously, we and the High Schools are aware of how important it is for your children to have chance to meet staff and possible form tutors for the next academic year and we are all working hard to put things into place together. 

What about the SATs?  

As of January 2021, the DfE announced that all assessments in Primary Schools across England, including teacher assessments of writing would be cancelled – meaning that children in Years 2 and 6 do not need to sit their end of key stage assessments, known as SATs. This change will in no way affect children going to High School for September. We will still be sharing lots of important information with all our link schools, regardless of any SATs result. Upon entry to High School, many schools decide to base line assess the children upon entry and we would anticipate that something similar may continue to be in place for the next academic year. These would likely be low stakes assessments to ensure that children are well placed to continue their learning from KS2, taking into account the period of school closure.


Please find below a couple of useful websites that you may find informative when talking to your child about transition or raising the conversation. On the web pages, there are a few resources and ideas of things you can do to prepare together should you wish to start having these conversations.

The School Run -

BBC Transitioning to Secondary School -


In school transition 2019-2020


Transition into another class is always a carefully planned event at GSP with dedicated time given for the children to spend with their new teacher and class. This year has been no different in terms of the thought, time and support we have given to the children and this process. Letters detailing your child's new class and teacher have been sent during our 'Transition Week.' Alongside this, there are lots of transition activities that have been posted onto your child's Google Classroom. As always, if there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to call school or use our new school enquiry email 

We hope you have enjoyed the Zoom meetings with your current and new classes. 

Teachers have also captured lots of our memories and activities for you to look back on and they can be found on our GSP memories section.

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