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At Great Sankey Primary, we teach a cursive handwriting style with a lead in from the line as soon as children are ready for it. This style enables children to join their handwriting earlier and more easily. We use Letterjoin which is a fun, interactive handwriting scheme. Each class has access to the interactive scheme which can be used during lessons and also as a tool to prepare resources. Letters are taught in set families that naturally follow on.

Our Aims -  We aim for our pupils to

  • Have a positive and enthusiastic approach to handwriting and presentation skills.
  • Develop a legible style of handwriting.
  • Develop a consistency in the size and shape of letters.
  • Develop fluent joined handwriting.

Handwriting sessions are tailored to the age of the children. In foundation stage handwriting is taught through the 'Read, Write, Inc' scheme in short one to one sessions. This enables us to support younger children to ensure that any difficulties are dealt with early, for example: using the tripod grip. Children in key stage one experience regular short sessions each week. However, good handwriting skills and neat presentation are continually reinforced in all work across the curriculum.

Printed Font

Children also experience different styles of printed font. It is important that children are exposed to a wide range of styles and sizes of text to aid their reading skills.


Children are taught and encouraged to hold their pencil using the tripod grip. Pencils should be held lightly between the thumb and forefinger about 3cm from the point. The middle finger provides additional support.  Children should be sitting comfortably with both feet on the floor.

Left Handed Children

Children who are left handed are also encouraged to hold their pencil with the tripod grip. During handwriting sessions, right handed children will not be seated on the left hand side of a left handed child. This ensures that their elbows do not collide.

Introducing joins

When children are confident with forming letters they move onto joining their handwriting. This is generally introduced towards the end of year one although this may be later/earlier for some children. Pens are introduced as children become able to join their handwriting fluently.


All handwriting skills are assessed by the teacher on an ongoing basis. Children experiencing difficulties with handwriting will be supported by the class teacher during handwriting lessons.

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