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The GSP Vision and Values

The GSP Vision:

At GSP, it is our mission to Inspire, Challenge and Support our young people to excel in learning and in life. This aligns with our Trust's vision to: Serve, Challenge and Empower.

We aim to live out our vision through:

  • Being committed to creating an inclusive community where every child can thrive and is inspired, challenged and supported to achieve their potential through the delivery of a rich and relevant curriculum.
  • Recognising the importance of fostering warm, positive and respectful relationships on all levels as this is the foundation for learning and personal growth to really thrive. This complements our school's long standing motto of 'Together We Learn and Grow'.
  • Understanding that children need to feel safe and happy for the learning to truly take hold and we strive to ensure we provide an environment where this can happen.
  • Delivering the highest quality teaching and learning to all our pupils and recognising the importance of staff continuous professional development and wellbeing in fulfilling this.
  • Striving to challenge ourselves to reach the highest standards possible through a process of self-evaluation and continuous growth.

Our vision is driven by our 5 core values which were developed with staff, pupils and governors.

The GSP Core Values:

Our five core values have been especially chosen to demonstrate the qualities which we feel best reflect what it is to be a GSP citizen. These values are woven through our curriculum and are exemplified in our actions. When we capture a child demonstrating any of our values, we praise them and celebrate them. 

Be Honest - We tell the truth and are fair.

Be Accepting - We understand how we are alike and how we are different, and we treat everyone with respect and understanding.

Be Responsible - We carry out roles and duties to the best of our ability and accept consequences for our actions.

Be Resilient - We tap into our strengths to overcome challenges and problems and we never give up.

Be Kind - We use caring words and our actions are friendly and considerate.

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The picture above was taken during our annual whole school trip which sets the tone for the academic year. The children's experiences support our school motto of 'Together We Learn and Grow.'


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