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Meet the Team

Victoria Briggs.jpg

Executive Headteacher

Victoria Briggs, BA (Hons) QTS, NPQH, NPQEL

Vicky has been the Head of the school since January 2014. She is a proud mother to two wonderful children who both attend schools within Warrington. She has worked across three different schools across the town, teaching across all age ranges and has just achieved the National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership. Vicky is the Executive Principal of Primary for The Challenge Academy Trust and is part of the Strategic Central Executive Team of The Challenge Academy Trust (TCAT). Vicky is a governor of a local High School. She regularly supports school improvement in other schools and is currently part of Warrington Borough Council's Associate Advisory Team. Vicky is also one of our mental health leads and is the DSL for Safeguarding. 

Lisa Wilding.jpg

Head of School

Lisa Wilding BEd (Hons), NPQSL, NPQH

Lisa joined Team GSP as the school's Deputy Headteacher in September 2016 having taught at another Warrington primary school for 20 years. She has vast experience in teaching children across the primary range and honestly could not imagine doing anything else - she thinks it's the best job in the world! As Head of School, Lisa supports Mrs Briggs in leading the school, she also leads on curriculum development, teaching and learning practices, assessment and reading across GSP. Lisa enjoys working in partnership with our other Challenge Academy Trust schools and sits on various Teaching and Learning Hubs for the Trust. She has most recently achieved the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers. When she's not at GSP, she loves to spend time with her family and dogs; she is the very proud mum to 3 girls and to her beautiful grandson who was born during lockdown! 

Tom Gawne.jpg

Assistant Headteacher

Tom Gawne BA (Hons) QTS, NPQML

Tom joined Great Sankey Primary in 2014 as the Year 5 class teacher from a school in Liverpool, before being promoted to the senior leadership team in January 2018. He has lots of experience in teaching children across the primary age range and has spent the last few years teaching in Year 6. As the Assistant Headteacher, Tom supports the Executive Head and Head of School in the day to day running of the school and leads out on English, pupil premium, global schools, key stage coordination, and transition; as well as supporting the development of teaching and learning practices across school. Over recent years, Tom has helped to establish the OXNET project alongside Oxford and Cambridge University and is currently studying for his NPQSL. He is a local authority moderator for KS2 and leads the TCAT Primary English Hub – also sitting on the TCAT Transition Hub. In his free time, Tom sits on the board of Governors at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School being responsible for quality and standards and enjoys travelling and spending time with his family and friends.

Nia Williams.jpg

Senior Leader: SENDco and Inclusion Lead

Nia Williams BA (Hons) PGCE

Nia joined Great Sankey Primary in 2017 having taught in 3 different primary schools for 24 years at that point and been KS2 lead, Acting Assistant Head and Acting Deputy Head in her most recent school. Since joining Great Sankey Primary, Nia has taught in UKS2, as she has predominantly throughout her career, although she does have experience teaching across the full primary age range. Nia has been responsible for leading many primary subjects throughout her career and currently acts as Science leader within GSP. From September 2020, Nia will be the school’s SENDCo and will be working closely in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that all children, regardless of any additional needs and disability, develop the attitudes, behaviours and skills to enable them to learn. As well as co-ordinating SEND across the school, Nia is a member of the safeguarding team. Furthermore, Nia has a real passion for music and enjoys running the school choir -  particularly enjoying giving children to opportunity to develop their confidence through performances. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching films, going to the gym and spending time with friends and family.

Jayne Wrangles.jpg

Senior Leader: Early Years, Personal Development & Mental Health

Jayne Wrangles BEd (Hons)

Jayne was lucky enough to secure a post at GSP 21 years ago. She previously taught KS1 for Wigan LEA. Jayne's expertise lies in the Early Years Foundation Stage, she is a Specialist Leader in EYFS and has supported other schools on their development of EYFS. Jayne also provides School Direct training and Moderation for the Local Authority. Jayne is the very proud Mum of 2 wonderful daughters. As well as teaching in EYFS and KS1, Jayne leads EYFS, PSHE and SMSC across school. She is also one of our mental health leads. 


Administration, Technical and Site Team

Office Secretary: Mrs Pat Vaughan and Mrs Louise Bolan
Finance Officer: Mrs Angela Harrison
Site Manager: Mr Ian Williams & Mr Don Hurst
IT Technician: Abtec

Children's Champion Team (Safeguarding, SEN, Mental Health)

Safeguarding Team: Mrs Vicky Briggs (DSL), Mrs Lisa Wilding (Dep DSL), Mrs Nia Williams (SENDco), Miss Sarah Leah (Dep DSL), Mr Thomas Gawne
Pastoral, Early Help and Mental Health Lead: Miss Sarah Leah
Mental Health and Well-being team: Mrs Jayne Wrangles and Miss Sarah Leah
Mental Health First Aid Trained: Mrs Vicky Briggs and Mrs Jayne Wrangles
SENDco: Mrs Nia Williams
Speech and Language: Mrs Julie Pearson

Early Years Foundation Stage Team

Jayne Wrangles(1).jpg Sharon Johnson.jpg Liz Mayers.jpg Stephanie Aspinall.jpg
Head of Early Years / Phase Leader
Reception Teacher (Cherry Tree class)
Mrs Jayne Wrangles (Cherry Tree class)
Nursery Teacher (Seedlings class)
Mrs Sharon Johnson

Nursery Teacher (Seedlings class)
Mrs Liz Mayers

Reception Teacher (Lime Tree class)
Miss Aspinall

Jane Foy.jpg Angela McVey.jpg Janet Mahony.jpg Michelle Gibson.png
Reception Teacher (Cherry Tree class)
Mrs Jane Foy
Nursery Assistant
Mrs Angela McVey
Reception Assistant
Mrs Janet Mahony
Reception Assistant
Mrs Michelle Gibson

Key Stage One Team

Karen Gow.jpg Claire Garvey.jpg Helen Walley.jpg Sarah Franklin.jpg
Willow Tree class (Y1)
Mrs Karen Gow
Sycamore Tree class (Y1/2)
Mrs Claire Garvey
Maple Tree class (Y2)
Mrs Helen Walley
Maple Tree class (Y2)
Mrs Sarah Franklin
Jenny Pilkington.jpg Paula Wilks.jpg Julie Pearson.jpg  
Key Stage One Assistant
Mrs Jenny Pilkington
Key Stage One Assistant
Mrs Paula Wilks
Key Stage One Assistant
Mrs Julie Pearson

Lower Key Stage Two Team (Years 3&4)

Stuart Johnson.jpg Tom Gawne.jpg Katie Humphreys.jpg
Elm Tree class (Y3)
Mr Stuart Johnson
Hazel Tree class (Y3/4)
Mr Tom Gawne (Assistant Head)
Beech Tree class (Y4)
Miss Katie Humphreys
Awaiting Image Jo Al Moukhtar.jpg  
Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant
Miss Rachel Fellows

Higher Level Teaching Assistant for PPA cover
Mrs Jo Al-Moukhtar

Upper Key Stage Two Team (Years 5&6)

Jess Heywood.jpg Stacie Rowlands.jpg David Ellis.jpg Nia Williams(1).jpg
Pine Tree class (Y5)
Miss Jess Heywood
Pine Tree class (Y5)
Mrs Stacie Rowlands 
Oak Tree class (Y5/6)
Mr David Ellis
Elder Tree class (Y6)
Mrs Nia Williams (SENDco)
Lisa Wilding.jpg Awaiting Image Rachel Kerridge.jpg Jo Al Moukhtar.jpg
Year 6 core teaching support
Mrs Lisa Wilding

Key Stage Two Teaching Assistants
Mrs Natalie Green

Key Stage Two Teaching Assistants
Mrs Rachel Kerridge

Higher Level Teaching Assistant for PPA cover
Mrs Jo Al-Moukhtar

Learning Support Team

Sharon King.jpg Neesha Culverwell.jpg
Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Sharon King
Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Neesha Culverwell

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Attendance, Pastoral and Safeguarding)

Sarah Leah.jpg
Miss Sarah Leah

Curriculum Subject Specialist Team

Specialist Leader in English (Appointed TCAT) Mrs Lisa Wilding
Specialist Leader in EYFS (Appointed GSTS) Mrs Jayne Wrangles
Local Authority Moderators for EYFS and KS2: Mrs Jayne Wrangles and Mr Tom Gawne
Sports Coaches: Partnership with Progressive Sports

Mid-day Assistants

Mrs Faye Lawton
Mrs Lynn Alden
Mrs Rachel Frangleton
Mrs Debbie Soens
Mrs Jen Addley
Mrs Mandy Sheridan
Mrs Dawn Beggs
Mrs Angela Coleman
Miss Chloe Walker
Miss Laura Fleming

*NB Teaching Assistants are part of our lunchtime supervision team as an additional first aider and a member of SLT is on duty daily

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