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House & Vice Captains 2022-23


Hello! We are the House and Vice Captains of GSP. These passages will tell you all about our roles in the school and what we do outside of school. We were voted in by our fellow pupils in school as we like to make sure that we get the job fairly and through a democracy in our school. We put ourselves forwards for the job because we wanted to help other children at GSP.

In order to be voted, we had to write speeches to present in a whole school assembly before allowing our peers to vote in a secret ballot. Read on to find out a bit about what we do.

In our role as House and Vice Captains, we have big responsibilities in school such as: showing visitors around school, leading our house teams and visiting other people in and out of school. We always make sure that visitors feel welcome whilst we lead them around the premises and enjoy representing our school at different events. We are always willing to help Mrs Wilding with anything she needs.

On sports day, if your team wins, the House and Vice Captains get to lift the trophy. We always act as role models to the younger children in school and present and lead the assembly when it is a National Saint’s Day. When it is the end of the year, we support the Year 5 candidates who put themselves forwards for the role in the next year before the school votes.


DN.png             Daniel Nunes

Hello, my name is Daniel Nunes and I am the Vice- House Captain for Saint Andrew’s house! Here is a little bit about me. I am kind, trustworthy and well-mannered. I care for the other children in the school and believe that everyone should be treated equally and fairly. I am not very sporty but play Tennis weekly. Other hobbies of mine include: playing the piano and horse riding. I like to lead and I am very good at listening when other people have things to say. I am funny and sensible. I like to do activities such as reading and playing chess in my free time. I am very creative and great at thinking of new ideas. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for reading.

ER.png              Eden Rigby

Hi, my name is Eden Rigby, I am 10 years old and I am the House Captain for Saint Andrew’s house. My favorite hobbies consist of reading, scouting and netball. My favorite TV shows are Wednesday, Stranger Things and Enola Holmes and I think of myself as a responsible, calm, reliable and fun person to be around. I still cannot believe that I was given the role of House Captain! I feel so lucky to be where I am and want to do the best I can for this school.

AC.png               Albie Cleary 

Hi , my name is Albie Cleary and I am the house captain for St George House and here is a little bit about me. I am a very sporty person and love to lead and go to sporting events in and out of school. I am kind , funny and bring a positive attitude to anything I do and also bring lots of energy to a team. I am also very confident in myself when I participate in activities and try to support others. I think about what I want to do for the school lots and I want to make this school even more special than it already is. I have a great sense of humour and comfort people when they need help. I hope you have enjoyed reading this about me and thank you. I look forward to meeting you when I carry out my responsibilities around school.

AE.png              Alyssa Evans 

Hello, My name is Alyssa Evans and I am the Vice House Captain for Saint George. Now, here’s a little bit about myself:  I’m 11 years old , I’m kind , trustworthy, a good role model and reliable. My favorite hobbies are swimming, drawing, hiking /walking, reading and building Lego. I feel really lucky to have this role of Vice House Captain in school and enjoy working with all the younger children in school to help and support them. In school, we help to lead on our house assemblies and with different house sporting events. In the autumn term, we also had chance to show parents around our school.

MH.png              Mia Hodgen

Hello everyone! My name is Mia Hodgen and I am the House Captain for St Patrick house in school. I was really pleased to be voted in as the House Captain after putting myself forwards and in school I enjoy helping others and making sure that the school is a happy and enjoyable place to be. Outside of school, I enjoy playing netball and hope to encourage others in school to try new sports.I think of myself as reliable, kind and helpful and would be welcoming to anybody new to our school. I hope you enjoy looking at our school website and hopefully visit our school. 

ZH.png               Zach Hogg 

My name is Zach and I have been voted in as the Vice House Captain for St Patrick house this year. I am a funny, helpful and kind pupil in school and enjoy making new friends and helping the younger children as their buddy. This year in school we have helped to show visitors around our school and have led our house assemblies in front of the school. I enjoy playing different sports and am looking forward to leading my house on Sports Day in the Summer term. I hope you enjoy visiting Great Sankey Primary School!

GM.png               George Meachin 

Hello everyone, my name is George Meachin and I am the House captain for St David’s house. I wanted to be the House Captain because when I was younger I saw people that were older than me doing this job and I wanted to be a good role model just like them and help younger children out. I was really happy when I got this job because you get to help out the school in meetings and show new people around the school. I am sporty, kind and trustworthy in school, I have shown these traits by representing school at multiple events such as: football, athletics and cricket. I hope that you enjoyed learning about me and that you also have a great time in school!

AT.png                Aria Taylor

Hello pupils , teachers and parents. I’m Aria Taylor and I’m the Vice House Captain of St David house team. I’m a cheery, humorous and sensible pupil and think of myself as a good role model for others. I’m sensible and hope I have shown these qualities throughout my many years at Great Sankey Primary. I’ve shown these traits when I went to the Parr Hall with choir (and ultimately blew the hall away with my totally angelic voice!) and I’m especially good at English and Art. I hope you will have a good year with me as your Vice House Captain. Thanks for your time in reading this.


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